Precious ingredients for the very best premium taste!

In one of the most modern seasoning plants in Europe, we process valuable, high quality raw spices using state of the art technology.

Pioneering quality

A sophisticated quality assurance system and IFS Food Standard certification are ample evidence of our state-of-the-art technology and excellent product performance.  We purchase and process only the finest raw ingredients nature has to offer. Our HACCP concept has been checked by DEKRA and our conformity was attested in 2010.

A perfect, well-rounded taste
The use of pioneering technology and the ELDOFROST seal of quality guarantee more seasoning power, a fuller aroma and unique authenticity of taste.

State-of-the-art technology, thorough testing - for optimum taste
The precious essential oils are extracted as gently as possible in order to maintain their intensive natural aroma. We meet the highest standards in terms of technology and logistics. Our quality guarantee is based on a process-driven, fully automatic production process in a closed system, free of all manual intervention. Our "laboratory-tested quality guarantee" seal of approval vouches for uncompromised HAGESÜD quality. The complex level of quality assured is corroborated by our own research and lively exchange with research scientists.

Finest premium aroma

We aim to support you in the premium segment with creative ideas, top quality products and state-of- the-art production technology - all based on our experience in research and practice. Our "Class, not mass" maxim is what determines our long-term business success.